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Customer Testimonials

Student Testimonial

I was blessed to be able to take your course, Dr. Jefferson, on “How to Learn to Play Black Gospel,” for piano beginners. You impart your knowledge of music in an easy to understand manner, are very patient with your students, no matter the age, and make the experience of learning to play the piano fun. You are excellent! What a privilege it is for me to have the opportunity to learn to play the piano from such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual. I eagerly look forward to each and every lesson with Dr. Jefferson and am really enjoying this new learning experience in my life. Thank you for all that you do for your students and the community at large and for sharing your musical talent with all of us!

Truly a Treasure – Linden, NJ

To all who have wished for and searched for a good book on how to play black gospel. This is it!! This book is better than good. It is excellent. The author clearly knows his subject well and is able to present it clearly…The book is practical and detailed. Many different aspects of black gospel are illustrated and are demonstrated on the accompanying CDs. As far as I am concerned this material is classic. In view of the quality of the information as well as the fact that this imformation is normally so difficult to obtain, I feel blessed to have bought this book.

The Love of God CD – Maryland

It´s a wonderful CD – great job! I’m sure many people will be blessed by it.

Customer Testimonials

Precious Lord Book – New Marshfield, OH

“I have Precious Lord. It´s a great book! You are filling a vital need in the music world.”

The Love of God CD – Las Vegas, NV

Listening to your beautiful CD brought us both to tears and continues to be an inspiration on our path. What an amazing talent you have.

Workshop Testimonial 3

“Was I ever stunned when Jefferson sat down at the piano and broke out in song…It was the beginning of a mesmerizing afternoon of music selections from Broadway, the Blues, Gospel and Patriotic genres that enchanted the intimate gathering and left us feeling as if we just survived a breathtaking trip to Oz with Dorothy. There was magic in the keyboards and magic in the voice as Jefferson emotionally embraced the wide selection of songs as if they were his own life story.”