Henrietta K'antplayalick

Henrietta K’antplayalick

Hi! I’m Henrietta K’antplayalick.
I’d always dreamed of playing Gospel Music, but I had one problem…I didn’t know how to play the piano – UNTIL I found the Jefferson How To Play Black Gospel books! Chile, now I’m the new pianist at Mount Big Times Baptist Church!!!

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Henrietta K’antplayalick came to Pensacola Publications to fulfill her lifelong dream of playing Gospel Music, but she couldn’t play the piano. She found the Jefferson How to Play Gospel Books and because of her great success she helps promote the books nationwide.

Pensacola Publications carries the leading and most comprehensive books on How to Play Gospel Music. The author taught Gospel Music in college and public school for many years and since that time, thousands of others have expressed an interest in learning to play Gospel Music. Jefferson also taught and coached many of his classmates in the gospel style of piano playing. As is common for a music teacher, he began looking for a piano method to recommend to his students which focused on that style of music. After calling many stores across the country from New York to California, he was told the same thing over and over….“We do not have a book on that subject in print anywhere!” So he decided if there were no books out there on the subject he might as well write one. And he did! Not only did he write one, but he now has four books available on the market today, along with accompanying CDs and DVDs which teach How to Play Gospel Music by ear!

Jefferson’s first book was published by Pensacola Publications almost 20 years ago under the titles, Precious Lord! How to Play Soul Gospel and Precious Lord! How to Play Black Gospel. Today, they are more popular than ever. Now, numerous methods are available on the subject, but Dr. Jefferson’s books remain the “definitive collection” on How to Play Gospel Music. One user was quoted as saying, “You haven’t even begun your Gospel Music library until you own the Jefferson, How to Play Gospel Music books.”

“It´s really flattering when I see more and more young teachers using the terms and terminology that I coined so many years ago in my first book. It let’s me know that there’s a new generation of musicians
who will carry on the rich legacy of Gospel Music.”

Dr. Jefferson´s books are carried by major distributors and book stores all across the country and abroad. His books are available to order at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders Books Inc, etc and they are also used by several colleges and universities.

“We believe that Gospel Music is a vital part of American History. It is our desire and goal that these books will aid in elevating the spread of gospel music education throughout the world. We believe it will be done,” says Pensacola Helene, President of Pensacola Publications.

Year after year, the fascination with Gospel Music continues to rise and written information on the subject is still very limited. In the past, piano teachers did not have a written guide in teaching Gospel. It was instead taught by rote or “by ear.” Because of the rocketing interest in the subject, both in the secular and Christian arenas, there is a great need to provide teachers with a tool which will make their verbal instruction even clearer by providing a visual aspect.

Robert L. Jefferson, one of America´s authorities on the subject, has written four books that have proven to be an answer to prayer for those who have always had a desire to play Gospel Music but were unable to find the necessary resources on the subject.

The Author holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Music degree and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Maryland. Jefferson has been playing the piano since the age of seven and has performed with a variety of gospel artists throughout the United States and internationally and has performed with major symphonic orchestras and in major concert halls throughout the U.S.

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